Discover The Many Different Drug Screening Tests


Know that there are so many different types of drug screening available that you can avail yourself but the most popular and the most commonly used one is the urine test. The convenience of urine test comes from the fact that it can check the presence of drug substance in the body through the five common categories and these categories are the following: the cannabinoids or better known as marijuana and the hash, cocaine or what we call as crack benzolycognine, opiates or heroine, codeine, morphine or opium, amphetamines or methamphetamines as well as speed and phencyclidine or commonly known as the PCP. And also, there goes the fact that undergoing urine drug test is considered as the least expensive of all drug tests.

There are lots of people who really are not in favor of drug screening and those who go against it say that urine test is something that is invasive and can it used improperly like checking the employee's pregnancy state if they are showing some signs of it or for the presence of any prescription drugs which could indicate that an employee is suffering from a certain medical problem. There is a big possibility as well of employees discovering some private medical facts about the employee which may go against the employee itself.

There are some other drug screenings that are showing recent drug consumption or usage. As what we have mentioned, a urine test is one of which and one thing about urine test is that it can who drug use within the past few weeks. For those who are known for being strong users of marijuana, it has been said that by enabling them to undergo urine test, it will show of their usage even after a month before the test or which occurred for a month already.

Of course, there are other drug screening test that you have to be aware of which can reveal the dosage of substance consumption you have had over a long period of time, such as the hair test. Hair tests are considered as more expensive that urine tests however, they are known for being the best test that anyone can undergo of since it can determine when the drug was used or consumed and if the said activity is still ongoing. There are drugs that adhere to the hair such as morphine, codeine and heroine which can easily be detected by laboratory professionals.

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